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A new video series from the Washington Apple Commission shares an inside look at the Washington apple industry to educate consumers, international trade and retailers.

2019-20 Washington Apple Crop Estimate Announced

[WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, AUG. 7] – Washington apple growers have reported the first crop estimate for the 2019-20 season. The crop forecast is to be 137 million 40 lb. boxes., an increase of 17.6% from the 2017-18 season and aligning with the volume of the previous two years’ harvests.

Washington Apple Industry Welcomes Removal of Tariffs

[WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, MAY 20] – On Friday, May 17th, the U.S., Canada and Mexico reached an agreement resulting in the removal of steel and aluminum tariffs by the U.S. administration and removal of retaliatory tariffs on imported U.S. goods. The elimination of the 20% duty on apples shipped to Mexico is welcome news to the Washington apple industry. Washington accounts for 90-95% of all U.S apple exports and Mexico is Washington’s #1 export market with 13 million boxes shipped to Mexico annually.

Young Apple Leaders from Washington State Met with Congressional Members on Capitol Hill to Discuss Trade and Labor

[WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, MARCH 26]-Seven Washington individuals travelled to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress on March 13, 2019 to advocate of behalf on the apple industry.

USDA Approves Washington Apple Commission Proposals for $8.4 Million in Trade Mitigation Funds

  [WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, FEB 21] The Washington Apple Commission will be receiving $8,457,600 through the USDA Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) funding program designed to help mitigate the damages from the additional trade tariffs on imports of Washington apples in several key export markets.   The Washington Apple Commission submitted detailed proposals in November 2018, and on January 31st, 2019 received notification that USDA would award $8.4 million to the apple… read more

Washington Apple Commission Launches New Marketing Campaign: Washington Galas. It’s So You.

    [WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, FEB 15] The Washington Apple Commission is kicking off an energetic new marketing campaign in the select region of Monterrey, Mexico. The “It’s So You” campaign is targeted at increasing visibility of the Gala variety from Washington among Monterrey consumers. The bright colors and engaging messaging are a part of the Washington Apple Commission’s Gala education and awareness campaign in the region. The creative and high-spirited… read more

Washington Apples Receive $8.4 Million in Trade Mitigation Funds

    [WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, JAN 31] The Washington Apple Commission will be receiving $8,457,600 through the USDA Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) Program funding. The ATP program, funded at $200 million, will develop and grow export markets to mitigate adverse effects of trade conflicts with foreign countries.   “We appreciate the USDA’s support of the apple industry and their understanding of the challenges we are facing due to retaliatory tariffs in… read more

Board of Directors Announcement

    [WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, DEC. 7] The Washington Apple Commission welcomes two new members and three reappointed members to the Board of Directors.   The commissioners, who were elected for a three-year term, are: • Jorge Sanchez – Dealer, Position 1 • Miles Kohl – Dealer, Position 2 • Dave Robison (reappointed) – Grower, District 1 • Michael Roche (reappointed) – Grower, District 2 • West Mathison (reappointed) – Grower,… read more

WAC Commissioner Elections

Are you interested in serving as a WAC Commissioner? Here’s your chance! December is the time of year when nominations for the Washington Apple Commission board are accepted.  If more than one applicant is interested, an election will take place and the new commissioners will be appointed in March of 2018. The open positions that are up for election are:           For the grower positions, you… read more

2018 Washington Apple Harvest Predicted to be 131 Million Boxes

      [YAKIMA, WASHINGTON, AUGUST 7] –The Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) released its forecast for the 2018 Washington state fresh apple crop today.   The 2018 forecast is for a fresh pack crop of 131 million standard forty-pound boxes of fresh apples.  This is down two percent from 2017’s 134 million box crop.   “The 2018 Washington state apple crop looks to be slightly smaller than last… read more